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1. Does Quilli’s Family Fun Factory Inc. only rent inflatables?

  • For the moment, we do only rent inflatables. In the future we hope to add more non-inflatable rentals such as popcorn, snow cone, cotton candy and other foodstuff machines.


2. How can Quilli’s Family Fun Factory me plan my event?

  • Quilli’s Family Fun Factory Inc. will help you determine exactly what you want and need to make your event a sure hit. Combined with our professional and efficient delivery staff who will set up your rented equipment and show you how to operate it, Quilli’s Family Fun Factory Inc. takes all the stress & guesswork out of planning your event.


3. How far in advance should I make my reservations?

  • The sooner the better! We reserve our equipment weeks, and sometimes months in advance. Please book well in advance as we don’t want you to miss out on the fun!


4. Does Quilli’s Family Fun Factory Inc. have insurance?

  • Yes, we are fully insured.


5. Is Quilli’s Family Fun Factory Inc. licensed?

  • Yes we are government licensed for your protection.


6.Do you charge tax?

  • Yes. By law we are required to charge HST (15%) tax for all rentals.


7. Can inflatable bouncers be set up outdoors in the winter?

  • Using an inflatable outdoors in the winter is very cold on little one's feet, as the vinyl gets very cold. It makes it extremely hard to also roll the unit up when the vinyl is cold, so we stop using our units outside when it gets too cold. We are happy to set our bouncers up in indoor locations, such as school gyms, church halls, and banquet halls. We use sandbags to weigh the units down when indoors. So we can happily accommodate any event, year round!


8. Where does Quilli’s Family Fun Factory Inc. deliver?

  • Please contact us by email to see if we deliver in your area.


9. How much room is needed for an inflatable bouncer?

  • You will need to provide a level area approximately 20ft x 20ft with an overhead clearance of at least 12 feet for our bouncers. Please call our office for details on space requirements for other units. If required (and possible) we would be more than happy to conduct a site inspection of your location.


10. On what outside surfaces can inflatables be setup?

  • The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can setup on concrete, asphalt, parking lots, etc. Please specify which surface the bouncer will be setup on so we can provide the appropriate anchors. Be sure the surface area is clear of rocks, branches and sharp objects.


11. How many children fit in an inflatable?

  • Although capacity varies by unit, the chart below shows approximate capacity for a standard size bouncer. Our staff can provide you with more accurate ratings for each unit. As always, please exercise caution and common sense. Example Unit Size: 15′ x 15′ Children Under age 8: 6-8 Children ages 9 to 12: 4-5


12. Where can I set up an inflatable?

  • Backyards, parks, gymnasiums, beaches and just about anywhere else firm, fairly level, and clean will work great for a bouncer.


13. Can I set up an inflatable indoors?

  • Yes, provided you have enough room and high enough ceiling. We can provide you with specific measurements for the unit you are looking to book. (when measuring your room don’t forget to take into account suspended lighting). We can help you find a great location to book your event.


14. Are inflatable bouncers safe?

  • Absolutely! If all the rules outlined on the Operating Instructions page of your rental contract are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times, they are very safe.


15. Do you provide a person to supervise the unit during the rental?

  • Typically most renters provide their own supervision. We will train you or your designate on proper supervision and leave you with written safety guidelines & emergency procedures. We can, if you prefer, provide supervision at an additional cost. Exception: Shooting Range and water walkers must have a company supervisor included.


16. How long does it take to set up the units?

  • It takes between 30-60 minutes to set up each unit (depending on the unit), and review the safety guidelines with you. The renter/responsible adult must be present at the time of delivery.


17. Is there a delivery charge?

  • There is a delivery charge. Please email us for more specific details.


18. What is the rental period?

  • The standard rental period for our units is 9 hours. We offer longer rental periods at an additional hourly rate.


19. What if it is rainy or windy?

  • Quilli’s Family Fun Factory Inc. reserves the right to cancel a reservation (your deposit will refunded when we cancel because of weather) if there are heavy rains or high winds (over 25 mph). Safe operation of our units and customer safety is our utmost concern. However, if there are no weather issues and the customer cancels the deposit is kept for a rescheduled date.


20. Do you deliver and set up the units?

  • Yes. We will deliver and set up the inflatables and insure that it is clean and in good working condition before your party starts and come back to take it down after the party is over. Set up normally takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on the unit. ‘Tear down’ usually takes about the same.


21. How do I reserve a rental date?


22. Is there a deposit required?

  • YES. For single bouncer rentals we charge 50% of the price as a deposit. For multiple rentals we charge 25% as a deposit. This ensures that the bouncer(s) will be available for you at the date required.


23. When is payment due?

  • The rest of the payment is due at delivery at the time of your booking. We accept cash . We will also accept business cheques. Please note that the driver does not carry cash and cannot provide change.


24. What kind of power is required?

  • The bouncer must be within 100 feet of a dedicated 15-20 amp circuit depending on the rental unit. The blower uses approximately as much electricity as an indoor fan once the bouncer is fully inflated. We do bring a 100 foot extension cord for each unit rented. 


25. What are my responsibilities as the renter of an inflatable?

  • You must assign a responsible adult to supervise the children while the bouncer is in use. This adult must know all the safety rules and make sure those rules are enforced. You are responsible for the safety of the children and for the care of the equipment.


26. Will the inflatable harm my lawn?

  • No. We place a protective tarp under the bouncer to minimize any damage to the bouncer or lawn. We also place stakes in the yard to anchor the bouncer. If you have a sprinkler system please inform us so we don’t cause damage to the sprinkler heads and they do not cause damage to the unit.


27. Is the setup and tear down included in the rental fee?

  • Our delivery fee includes the set-up, tear down and all the equipment required to support the setup. I.e. sandbags, tarps, 1x extension cords( max 50feet).

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