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Ticket price: 
(we will only accept cash. no credit card, debit or checks. 
Two ATMs are inside the building) 

kids from under 1 year and parents are free. 
kids from 1-under 2 yrs $6.50 + tax. ($7.50)
kids from 2 yrs to 13yrs $13.05 + tax. ($15)

Monday - Friday : 10am - 5pm       Saturday: 10am - 4pm

March 4-9-2019

In this March break, we will again offer 2 special evenings for disabled children.
This hour will be on Tuesday the 5th of March from 5pm until 6pm.
The second time will be Thursday the 7 March from 5pm until 6pm.
I ask all parents to send me a short email so I know how many children will come.

Contact us for special deals on birthday parties or other events.

We will also have juice, popcorn, and cotton candy.